Vocation Training Centre


Here the main task is Paper Work. The projects under this area could include: Card Making, assorted Stationary products like pen stands, paper holders, Table Mats, Books and associated products, Household accessories like trays, lanterns. The skill training will be in areas of tracing, drawing, cutting, folding, sticking, and decorating among others.


Here the main task is Cloth Work and Embroidery. The projects in this area could include: Embroidery on table mats, aprons, towels, embroidery on baby dresses and wrappers and making of the same, beading on dupattas, sarees and other associated accessories, pillows for children, baby blankets. The students are taught different stitches depending on their capability which will then be incorporated into the above mentioned projects.


Here the students will learn the fine nuances of Candle Making. They are taught safety and care while working with hot wax and fire. They are taught to make various candles and the procedures associated with the same. Some kind of candles being taught will be taper candles, mould candles, floating candles among others. The students are also taught how to decorate the same.


Here the students are allowed to experience the world of colour with no compulsion of creating anything that will be judged as right or wrong. They are guided to feel what they are painting, at the same time all that they do is displayed so that they can observe and appreciate their work as well as that of others. They are taught to use different mediums and different textures.


The students are taught specific crafts that are festival or season based. This is associated with the Youth Guidance program where they learn about different things. The association with crafts and the festivals gives the students the opportunity to experience new things and expand their knowledge base. All crafts created are displayed.


This is a new activity being introduced. This is a highly skilled area so only one or two students are chosen to be trained in this task. It consists of tracing and painting on ceramic tiles, plates or cups among other things and then displaying them. Once a mastery level has been achieved the same can be marketed and profits shared amongst the trainees.


This is an activity that works with creating things with wool. It is a wonderful task that commands concentration at the same time giving a smooth and endearing feeling on the hands. It is an enjoyable activity and many things can be created with the wool. The projects that can be undertaken are cushion covers, dolls, pouches, purses, hair accessories among others.


This is a bi-monthly class that is conducted with a group of students and a teacher. The group will be in charge of planning the meal, listing the ingredients, noting the recipe to distribute to peers and preparing the meal. They will also have the responsibility of setting the table and presenting the food in a proper way. This will rotate between lunch and snacks.


The students again are divided into groups will be responsible for the weekly baking class. This will entail baking things like cakes, cookies, biscuits, pies among other things. The students are taught the right procedures and methods and quality control. It will then be marketed once a certain mastery level has been achieved.


The students do organic backyard gardening in the post monsoon session. All staff and students will participate in the said activity. This allows all to have an exposure to nature and learn to appreciate where the food comes from. This is also a calming activity as there is no expectation of perfection but just the ability to be one with nature.