SWEET VOICE WELFARE AND EDUCATION SOCIETY (a registered welfare organization) was started with the mission of development, education and rehabilitation of Differently Abled (Divyag) children. It is especially designed for the need of these Childs. The key focus of our organization is to establish a complete advance educational system for these children so that they can be self respective and self dependent in their life and face the future challenges. We start our first mission in Rajasthan in 2009. Sweet Voice is one of the very few schools in India to marshal in a new era of educational, vocational and cultural rehabilitation of such children. The main aim of our organization is to power-up the Divyang people to join the mainstream living.

It has been found that the most of organizations for these children are working in the urban areas of Rajasthan and doing great job but due to lack of awareness in rural public, their children are not getting benefits from it. After research, Sweet Voice decided to approach such children from rural areas so that they can get better education. In the process to approach rural population we organized various awareness camps at rural areas. At early stage we don’t have any support in terms of financial as well as social. But despite of this difficulty, we organized more than 100 camps across Rajasthan.

To fulfill the mission, organization was started a school in a small town with just six students. In the short time, the school has set a milestone in Rajasthan in the field of disability. The school has changed all the parameters of education of these children.

In the year 2014 our mentor and founder late Shri Raghuveer Singh Palawat provides us a well planned building which spread in 5700 meter space to run the project smoothly for next 19 years with the rent of just INR 100/- per month. We are thankful to him for his humble support to these children.