School for Hearing Impaired

Sweet voice welfare and education started its first project of special school for hearing impaired children in 2009 with just 6 students and a very small building. We started with primary level in 2009 which has been converts now in senior secondary level with the strength of more than 125 students. School is partially funded by the Rajasthan government.

Our process of work at school-

  1. Special Educational Process-

Sweet Voice School aims in providing a complete educational program to the hearing impaired children as per their needs and requirement. The School has been one of the pioneers in introducing new technology and training methods to benefit the disabled children. The main objective is to educate students with the courses that lead them to be independent and experience a bright future. At Sweet Voice a team of committed, qualified and experienced teachers, who take extra care of each and every individual student, impart education in a very functional way. The Sweet Voice School is committed to the academic development of each of our students.

  • Individual educational program (IEP)-

Individual educational program is a special program which is designed for each and every student for his personal development. Through the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) process, teachers and support staff strive to develop and implement a program designed to promote and develop each child's educational needs.

  • Regular class studies-

 Sweet Voice School is specially designed its learning process for these children. We try to make our syllabus according to the need of students. We teach them via pictorial material, educational toys, computers and projectors. The method of learning at our school is practical and attractive. We use latest technologies and equipments which can help the child to understand in a better way.

  • Direct activity, story learning, picture description and poems-

 Sweet Voice School adopts a very attractive and effective learning method for hearing impaired children. Each and every day we try to teach our students about different concepts through direct activity, story, conversation, picture description, and poem. These methods help our students to improve their language and communication level and how to use this language in day – to – day routine life.


  1. Hearing tests and check-up and counselling of parents-

School held free check up camps at various locations in Rajasthan especially in rural areas which helps to identify and assess the hearing impaired child at early stage.  We provide early intervention to such children. We perform tests for hearing of children and calculate their hearing loss. After that, we council their parents about various hearing aids and cochlear implants and also provide information about the rehabilitation of these children. We perform hearing check-up for our students at regular intervals so that can track their hearing status.


  1. Auditory Training and Speech Therapy

Speech therapy and auditory training is helpful in developing language and communication in hearing impaired children. It also improves their hearing ability. Sweet voice school has well qualified speech therapist and audiologist, speech and hearing technician and specially trained teachers who are providing regular speech therapy and auditory training to these children. At sweet Voice every student has a separate therapy plan and management is keen to apply it.